duminică, 3 martie 2013

When I Was Gone

What better way to enjoy a sunny day than to take a stroll in the park? These photos were shot on March 1st, in the first day of Spring. It was my friend's birthday and she took us to our usual place called Old Nick Pub. The weather was wonderful, so we decided to go in a park to enjoy a bit of sun. Then, I went to meet up with some colleagues from the organization in which I volunteer called Brigada de Voluntari. They called me in for an interview which will be a tiny part from a video that will appear on Monday, I'll make sure to link it to you guys. In this video we try to present our organization and to motivate other people to join us. (For Romanian readers: we are recruiting people who are excited to be part of such an organization! Join us!)  
At night, me and Alyx went to a concert of one of our favourite Romanian bands, The Mono Jacks. I won us the tickets, and it was awesome. I've already seen them live two times before last summer, and this concert was better than I expected. 
Now I leave you with the photos and a beautiful Mono Jacks song. 

Shirt- Forever 21, Coat- my mother's, Shorts- vintage DIY, Boots- H&M, Scarf- DIY, Watch- Skagen

Photos taken by Alyx Serbanescu


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