miercuri, 20 februarie 2013

My Trip to Cluj Napoca

 During my trip to Cluj Napoca I had lots of fun and now I have to suffer the consequences, which are a terrible cold and one hell of a headache. 
But enough with my whining and let me tell you what I've been up to for the past week or so. I arrived in Cluj at 3 PM, extremely tired after a sleepless night and a 9 hour train ride. My best friend came to pick me up from the train station and took me to her place. She made the best coffee ever and we talked for hours. At night we went out to meet up with a  friend and we went to Samsara, which is an awesome place where you can smoke from a hookah. We smoked from a melon flavoured hookah and ate biscuits and  drank a  delicious tea with baked apples. 
The next day, my friend woke me up with a 'breakfast in bed' which actually was a delicious coffee and my favourite dessert, vanilla eclairs, all beautifully decorated as a smiley face. Then we went shopping, and I bought some awesome stuff both vintage and from the mall. (I will make a  whole post with them, that's how awesome they are!). At night, we dressed up and went to a club and you probably know the rest hahah.
In my last day spent in Cluj, we woke up and went shopping (again!) and we took a walk and went for a coffee at a cool place called Shto College Bar. Then we went home and my bestie cooked us a delicious meal. At night I went out to meet up with some friends and to discover other awesome places in Cluj. 
That's about it. Here's some pictures that I took during my trip. Stay tuned for another post with the awesome stuff that I bought. 

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Rebekah Wing. spunea...

wow, this sounds and looks like a fantastic trip and you're such a beauty, dear *_*
keep up the amazing work with your blog! I really enjoy reading it :))

xx Rebekah


petit-chignon spunea...

Thank you so much Rebekah! I really enjoyed exploring the city! Hope to see you around here from now on as well! xx

Trà Mi spunea...

I really like how your hair suits you


petit-chignon spunea...

Thank you!!!