marți, 27 noiembrie 2012


I deeply dislike going to the University at 8 o'clock in the morning. Firstly because of the awful hour and secondly because it's so cold outside, I tend to layer clothes just to keep warm and by noon, when it gets sunny, I feel too hot. Today I had a very long day at school but I managed to take these shots in the park in between courses and, as promised, I wore my newest acquisition from H&M which is this lovely necklace that I simply adore!

              Also, at lunch I went with the girls to a great restaurant called "La mama"("At mom's") where we ate delicious crepes and drank cappucinos.

OUTFIT: Top:ZARA, Sweater: VILA, Pants: ONLY, Coat: NITROGEN, Necklace: H&M 

 Photos taken by : Alyx Serbanescu


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Milex spunea...

I love you

Feel the beat spunea...

Love your blog!!

petit-chignon spunea...

Yay! :D

C spunea...

Love the colour of your hair and the bold red lip!

This is a stunning look.


petit-chignon spunea...

Thank you!!