joi, 27 decembrie 2012

It's snowing

  And finally a new post.. 
Although I've been greatly enjoying my winter holiday so far, I really have to start taking my school assignments seriously. I always do things in the last minute, like this year's Christmas shopping session. I went to the mall to buy presents for my family on the 23rd and I obviously didn't find much, not to mention it was very crowded.
Here are a few shots from that day, hopefully the weather will improve. I'm currently stuck with a really bad cold. Hope you had an awesome Christmas, I will probably post more shots after New Years, so till next year!

Coat: Oxygen, Jeans: Pull and Bear, Boots: Guess, Ring: H&M

vineri, 21 decembrie 2012

Running Up That Hill

It's been a while since I last posted but the weather has been terrible all this time and I simply didn't have the courage to take photos in the middle of the snowstorm hahah.
Today is the beginning of our winter holiday but I can't be happy about it because I have so much work to do for school it's unreal!
I think I will spend my holiday at home, between books. Two weeks of non-stop reading and writing. That should be fun.

Coat: Animal, Pants: Only, Bag: Banana Republic, Boots: Guess, Scarf and gloves: Gap, Necklace: Forever 21, Ear Warmers: New Yorker

Photos taken by: Alyx Serbanescu

marți, 11 decembrie 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

It was so cold and windy this morning that we nearly froze trying to get some good shots.
We went for coffee during our break between classes at Cafe Verona. They have  yummy home-made biscuits and delicious cappucinos. 

Despite the cold, we had fun taking the shots but I seriously hope the weather will get better in the next couple of days so we can take more various outfit pics.


Coat: Animal, Shirt: Orsay, Cardigan: H&M, Ring: H&M

Photos taken by: Alyx Serbanescu

sâmbătă, 8 decembrie 2012

In a Moment

Today I had classes at 8'clock in the morning which is horrible considering that it's Saturday, but oh well, at least I won't have this class any time soon and my Saturday mornings will involve sleeping.A lot of it, actually. 

It was a gloomy, cold morning and we took these shots in 10 minutes because we were all freezing and the only thing we had on our minds was to get in the car and go straight home!

On our way home, the sun came out of the clouds so we quickly pulled over and tried another set of shots which I like better than the previous ones, especially because we had a special guest who decided to pose with me. 

Coat: OXYGEN, Sweater: ONLY, Bag: NICCOLI, Boots: REPORT

Photos taken by: Alyx Serbanescu

marți, 4 decembrie 2012

Lost Souls Forever

Hey guys! I've been really busy this past week so I didn't have time to update my blog properly. But now I'm back with a brand new post! 
 It was freezing outside this morning and when I woke up at 6:30, my first thought was to cover myself in blankets and sleep in. Unfortunately I couldn't do so because I had classes all day.
 During our break we caught a few brief moments of sunshine and took advantage of them for some pics.

Coat: ZARA, Sweater: H&M, Boots: MINNETONKA, Bag: BANANA REPUBLIC, Beanie: FOREVER 21, Sunglasses: H&M

Photos taken by: Alyx Serbanescu.

marți, 27 noiembrie 2012


I deeply dislike going to the University at 8 o'clock in the morning. Firstly because of the awful hour and secondly because it's so cold outside, I tend to layer clothes just to keep warm and by noon, when it gets sunny, I feel too hot. Today I had a very long day at school but I managed to take these shots in the park in between courses and, as promised, I wore my newest acquisition from H&M which is this lovely necklace that I simply adore!

              Also, at lunch I went with the girls to a great restaurant called "La mama"("At mom's") where we ate delicious crepes and drank cappucinos.

OUTFIT: Top:ZARA, Sweater: VILA, Pants: ONLY, Coat: NITROGEN, Necklace: H&M 

 Photos taken by : Alyx Serbanescu


luni, 26 noiembrie 2012

This Fffire

This weekend I promised myself that I would stay at home and start working on a new project for school. Obviously I couldn't do it so instead I went to the mall to check out the new arrivals and of course eat something yummy at lunch. I actually bought a really cute necklace and I'm super happy about it! You will see it hopefully in my next post so stay tuned! Meanwhile, here's the outfit I wore today!

Coat: KOTON Shirt: Thrifted Jeans: Pull&Bear Bag: Vintage Boots: Gift Bracelet: Forever 21